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U Think U Know But You Have No Idea...This is the diary of Breanna Morris [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Breanna aka B-ho or Bre Bre

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damn its been 140 weeks since i last wrote [Sep. 14th, 2008|07:41 pm]
Breanna aka B-ho or Bre Bre
wow  thats a long time.i moved to frisco.things are going good.
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(no subject) [Jan. 8th, 2006|05:10 pm]
Breanna aka B-ho or Bre Bre
[mood |blahla de da]

Its been a while since i last updated.Not a whole lot going on with me i guess.The other day i hung out with Matt and we did some shit.I havent even done it since last June so its been a while but im tempted to do it again and again.He called today asking if i wanted to hang out but there was no way i could get to Littlerock so i didnt go.He said he just wanted to hang out and smoke some weed and that he was going to try to get dome shit but oh well.Larissa got mad at me because she wanted me to tell him that i dont want to do it again but i didnt tell him.I can make my own choices ya know.Its not like everytime i go and hang with him im going to do some shit.But no one trustes me i guess.I might get tempted but that dont mean anything.Oh well.
I've been down lately.I dont know why.Just have been.Im bored with my life,i hate how people are sometimes,and ...... i dont know.I just need to try and get motovated and do something with myself.
I dont even know why im writting all this when theres a chance a friend of mine will read it.
Well Kenna if u do read this then im sorry for doing it.I hope i didnt disapoint you to much were you wont hang out with me.
Anyways im going to get going now.Laterz
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(no subject) [Dec. 15th, 2005|10:30 pm]
Breanna aka B-ho or Bre Bre
[mood |depresseddepressed]
[music |Blink 182 * Adams song*]

Well i didnt go to Colorado.Had a huge fight with my parents yesterday and i cried and they pretty much disowned me.Then i talked to my mom again today and i cried so much because i didnt mean to hurt her in anyway but its just how it is i guess.I was so sad and pissed at the same time so i took like a 45 minute walk and i hit all the mail boxes that i walked by and now my knuckles hurt and i made them bleed but it helped.Im not as down as i was.Anyways....

I went to Disneyland last monday.First time i ever went there.I liked it and all but i dont think im going to want to go there again until i have kids of my own.
Umm... i periced both my nipples.Well my friend Renee did them for me.I first did the left one and then 2 days later when i got another barbell she did the other one.Im happy about it because ive wanted them done forever and it didnt hurt like i thought it would so its all good.Im just glad that i didnt go through the pain that Jenna did because she had one of them done before and it got ripped out so there was alot of scar tissue so it hurt her soo much.But yeah anywho im going to get going and go to sleep.Im so tired.Laterz yo.
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(no subject) [Nov. 28th, 2005|02:47 am]
Breanna aka B-ho or Bre Bre
[mood |mellowmellow]
[music |3 days grace"i hate everything about you"]

Im wide awake and its almost 3am.Umm lets see.Aariol came down .Awesome. I chilled with her at Hooli's house with Weston,Renee and Larissa and a few other people.I got kind of a good buzz going that night cause i had some beer and some whiskey that weston stole from like his grandparents or something lol.But it was fine.Thanksgiving was alright.I spent it with my sisters and my brother in laws parents.It was kinda weird lol but renee's mom had like a thanksgiving dinner on saturday so that was kool.Had some wine and i would have dranked alot of it like weston was but i didnt want to disrespect her parents or anything like that. Then i left and they all went up to Holli's house again and they said that they were going to call me but why would they? I did get kinda mad about that but whatever now.I think renee just wanted to be alone with romeo haha.
Got lost on the quad today with larissa.We went on privet property so it was all gated up and we didnt even knew how we got in there so it was kinda hard to find a way out lol.But it was still fun.She let me drive it for a while.
Anywho for mine and kennas birthday were going to have ours together again this year since were 6 days apart and for my actual birthday this year i'll be in colorado visiting my parents.Were going to go to Disneland and get a hotel and most likely go to Venice beach.It should be fun.Im excited for it.Then on the 16th of december im leaving to colorado and im going to be there for like a week or so.Yeah lol.
Anyways im going to get going now.Peace out.
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(no subject) [Nov. 18th, 2005|12:51 am]
Breanna aka B-ho or Bre Bre
[mood |mellowmellow]
[music |Mike Jones]

Well alot lately me,larissa and sometimes kenna and renee have been hanging out at Matt and Steve's house and its pretty fun there like when logan,uncle johnny lol,and other people are there and like tonight me,renee and larissa went over there and had a few Corona's and just chilling and then Kenna comes a few hours later and Kenna liked Steve and he said that he liked her to just last night,so Kenna is taking a break from her boyfriend just so she can get to know steve better and all and then Kenna caught him and Renee holding hands behind her back and Kenna got all upset and this fight started between them and it was carzy man.Then me and Matt fooled around some tonight but it kinda felt weird because he's all in love with Larissa but she doesnt like him and i dont know.Things are getting Krazzy down there but its still kool i guess.Kenna said that she isnt going back down there anymore lol. Yeah its all complacated shit.

Tomorrow im seeing Harry Potter 4 with Larissa,Jake,Renee,Weston and Becky.Im excited for it.Been waiting a year for this lol.

Besides hanging down at Matt and Steves house we havent really been up to much.Just same o'l same o'l ya know.

I talked to Miranda a few days ago.Im still not over everything that happend.But we basically siad bye to eachother for the time being.We'll see what happends later on in life.I dont even like talking about all this because no one knows just how much im depressed about all this.We always had eachothers back and were always there for eachother so yeah its going to get to me.

Anyways i just thought i'd update this since i havent in a few weeks.I'll update again whenever.Later.
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(no subject) [Nov. 4th, 2005|08:39 am]
Breanna aka B-ho or Bre Bre
[mood |sicksick]
[music |Dance Dance by "Fall Out Boy"]

Lets start from last weekend.

Friday- Renee had a halloween party.Lots of people were there so there were plenty of people for me to talk to.Aariol came down from L.A so that rocked because we dont get to see her that much.We had a bounce house to.Love bounce houses when your drunk lol.Then i passed out finally in renee's backyard by her bonfire at 4 in the morning until she came and got me and brought me into the house :)

Saturday- Miranda took me,larissa,casey and kenna to Pasadena with her to spend the night with her.It was an alright time because we were going to go to a strip club because Miranda wanted to for her birthday but we got soooo lost so we didnt go.

Sunday-woke up early only after 4 hours of sleep and went to Venice beach.I always love it there.So it was fun.I think everyone enjoyed themselves there but after we left we just started driving and we drove to Malibu and then we drove back to santa monica and chilled and then on the way home we get a flat tire so we put the spare tire on and then that one pops also and it sucked because we all had to wait in the cold on the side of the freeway until Kennas mom came and picked us up and Miranda had to go home with the tow guy.

Monday- Halloween was alright.I dreesed up as little red riding hood.Halloween just isnt the same anymore ya know.I dont think i'll dress up next year.Renee got kinda drunk.I wish i did also because it would of made things a bit more intresting lol.

Tuseday- *sighs* Miranda drives back down here from Pasadena and me and renee were chilling with her so we drive back to renees house and kenna and larissa show up and there was this big fight between Miranda and Kenna and Miranda spited in her face and thats soo disrespectful.So i wont be hanging out with Miranda anytime soon.I dont know why she had to do that.Miranda was one of my best friends and after that happend how can things be the same again?? It just sucks.

Thats pretty much all thats been going on with me.Im sick right now.I woke up coughing at 8:30am today and ive been up since.I dont know.Im kinda feeling depressed lately.I dont know why but i just am.
In December im going out to colorado to visit my parents.I'll be there for my 20th birthday but not for new years.I need to be in cali for that day lol.
Anyways im going to get going now.Laterz
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(no subject) [Oct. 21st, 2005|09:47 pm]
Breanna aka B-ho or Bre Bre
[mood |crazyto many enery drinks today lol]
[music |Dr.Dre and Eminem " forgot about dre"]

Hmm not a whole lot going on with me these days.I went to L.A with Renee to go visit Aariol.It was pretty fun.We went to Venice beach to the drum circle.Danced a little bit and then we sat down and were talking to these 2 guys.This one guy right well i think hes cute and i got a picture with him and then he gave me a kiss goodbye and thats it lol.We slept in Aariols mom's van out front lol.That was kool too.Yeah.
Me,Renee and Larissa met this guy named Matt.Hes cute and all but i dont like his hair.Hes soo much better with a hat on ;) And the first night we hung out there we, well Renee and Larissa chilled outside because there were like 10 guys doing jumps on there bikes and i went inside with Matt and we just made out and what not and talked some and then we left and then we went back there later on that night.I brought over Larissa,Kenna,Miranda and Renee lol and we chilled in his and this guys Steve's room.They share the garage together so me and Matt went inside the house and went into a bedroom to be alone and we were making out and fooling around some and then steve just walks into the room without knocking and says" Matt your dad says that there isnt going to be any hanky panky going on in your little brothers room " and man i was so embarrassed but i laughed anyways lol so we just went back into the garage and chilled for a while more.
My sisters are embarrassing too.They went to his work and asked him if he was the one that left a hicky on my neck lol.I love em tho but jeeze its not like hes my boyfriend.I barely know him myself ya know but i saw Steve today and i guess Matt has been asking about me and wondering why i havent been back to his house.Im going over there tomorrow ;) if ya know what i mean j/k
Right now im waiting for Renee to call from Holli's house because me and Larissa and going to go chill up there for a while tonight.Well i gotta go.Laterz
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(no subject) [Oct. 6th, 2005|09:38 pm]
Breanna aka B-ho or Bre Bre
[mood |hyperHYPER!!! cant stay still lol]
[music |Rob Zombie "living dead girl"]

Well last weeked was fun.Kennas parents were away so Miranda,Casey,Renne and Me,spent the night at her and Larissas house and like a kool little kick back.We were drinking and all making out lol and smoking and shit.It was fun.Then today me and kenna got a tattoo together.She got a star.Its blue and its on her right shoulder and mine is a cross on my left shouler like on my back you know.Its not a dumb looking cross either.Its cute and awesome looking.
Anyways not much going on.
I saw the Devils Rejects and The Skeleton Key.Devils Rejects was awesome and the Sketeton Key was alright.It didnt bore me or anything like that.Well im going ot get going now because Dana is over at kennas and he might almost be done fixing the computer and then were going outside ;) haha
So later skaters.
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just chillin [Sep. 25th, 2005|11:11 pm]
Breanna aka B-ho or Bre Bre
[mood |goodyeppers]
[music |Scar's "Papa Roach"]

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(no subject) [Sep. 25th, 2005|07:52 pm]
Breanna aka B-ho or Bre Bre
[mood |crazycrazy]

Well last night Me,Larissa,Kenna,Miranda,and Casey saw The Devils Rejects.I liked it.It was pretty good.Yeah.We were smoking out in the car and i just remember that kenna and miranda were tripping me out lol and then there were security walking around lol. Then we all went back to Caseys house and spent the night.Went in the hot tub and stuff and we all just chilled.Yeah.
Me,Rissa and Renee walked up to the mountains and stuff a while ago.We barely just got back but it was alright i guess.Well i gotta go.Later
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